Frequently Asked Questions

I am addicted, what should I do?

Salvation Army Rehabilitation Centers exist around the country. They are free and have a good program to help you leave addiction. They will house you, feed you, educate you and counsel you for a year. Get help. It is unlikely that you will conquer your addiction without it.

Why does Vocational Church (VC) exist?

Vocational Church is designed to fill a gap left by most addiction programs. The AFTER care of addiction often leaves addicts without any place to go for continuing clean. Vocational Church is a residential program where you can stay in community, learn a vocational skill and find spiritual balance.

Will I be drug tested while being a resident of Vocational Church?

Regular testing will be performed for those living at Vocational Church.  VC is not a drug rehab program. We will only accept men who have been clean for a term and finished the twelve steps program. Residents will have a sponsor with which we can confer. A drug infraction while a resident of VC will result in immediate dismissal.

If I am not a resident of VC can I still receive training?

It is the intent of VC to share vocational an spiritual training with anyone who desires it. Part of becoming a disciple of Jesus is to MAKE a disciple. People receiving VC training will be expected share their good fortune with others.

How long can I stay at VC?

Our hope is to produce in our men confidence and balance both in the workplace and with God. Self sufficiency is our goal. We are not trying to make men dependent on us but to produce useful members of society.

Is there a cost for residency as Vocational Church?

Men who do not have a job and enter VC will have enrolled in the EBT program and bring with them their food card to share with the group. During your stay here you will spend your time looking for a job. We will assist you in this endeavor by introducing you to job web sites and other resources that we have found. The normal cost of $300 per bed per month will be waived until a job is secured.

Can I be a part of Vocational Church if I have a job?

If you have a job you can live at VC and pay for your residency. The cost is $300 per month and will include room and board. Most training will be provided during the evening hours and you will be required to attend.

What kind of vocational assistance can be expected?

Vocational Church will research and share vocational opportunities with each man. Vocational Church has created a network of companies that are willing to hire our men regardless of undesirable history. We will assist in resume writing and help with transportation to work. Men at VC can expect to be encouraged to restore drivers licenses while here.

How will spiritual training be conducted?

Every participant will be expected to be personally mentored as well as participate in church and all other group Bible studies. Sharing your faith will become natural as you learn to become confident and competent in it.