The Program

The Program of Vocational Church

The purpose of Vocational Church (VC) is to provide vocational training while producing strong disciples for Jesus. VC is a residential facility that works as aftercare for previously addicted or incarcerated men who are trying to find their purpose in life.  The main function of VC is to train men in the knowledge and practice of a biblical lifestyle. VC will provide room and board for men who are working at outside jobs. Those without jobs will be coached and encouraged to find real jobs with a real company with real paychecks and a real future. Spiritual training will be the main focus of VC. Men will be taught, mentored and trained in applying biblical principles to their lives.


* Men who apply to participate in VC will have demonstrated a spiritual hunger to follow Jesus.

* Every participant will be involved in the program of VC including corporate worship, vocational training, while finding real jobs. Participation is also required in required Bible training, community outreach and other functions as decided by leadership.

* Each man who works outside of VC will pay for room and board as determined by leadership.

* Each man NOT working outside of VC will bring a food stamp card for residential consumption. He will spend his time looking for a job with the help of VC.

* Medical care will NOT be provided for any participant. Those eligible can apply for county health care.

* One goal of VC is to empower each man to gain victory over the flesh. It is an integral part of discipleship. Serious followers of Jesus will have physical victory.

* Personal mentors will be assigned to every person, assessing their spiritual maturity and assisting the men to grow spiritually.

* Language unbecoming a serious follower of Jesus will not be tolerated.

* Bed rooms will be kept tidy and beds made when not occupied.

* Fighting of any sort will not be tolerated.

* No sexually explicit material, period.

* Behavior among peers must be respectful.

* Complete obedience to superiors is mandatory.

* Permission must be gained to miss any VC program.

* If a brother falls, you MUST report it to a superior IMMEDIATELY. Failure here will call for dismissal from the program.