Admittance Agreement

Admittance Agreement

Residential Student Admittance I recognize my need for assistance and hereby apply for admission for residence in Vocational Church. I understand that Vocational Church is a charitable organization and that Vocational Church is a Christian religious facility dedicated solely to the social and physical education and the spiritual development of those persons who are in need of such assistance. I am willing to make a commitment to actively participate in the program of my own free will and choice.

I understand that I am a beneficiary seeking admission to the program solely for my own benefit, and that I am not an employee of this church. I further understand that this church is not under any legal obligation to provide any services or other benefits to me, including room or board. I understand that my admission and continued residence is dependent upon my needing assistance and my willingness to help myself and others so situated, including the voluntary performances of my work therapy assignments which I understand are in furtherance of my education.

I agree to abide by the rules and guidelines set within Vocational Church, I also understand that failure to abide by these rules and guidelines may result in my dismissal from the program.

I agree for myself, my heirs or assigns, that should any accident occur involving personal injury to myself or loss of or damage to my property during my residence in this organization, to hold Vocational Church free and harmless from any and all liability in connection therewith.

I understand that all of my personal property is subject to search and inventory controls. Any personal property left upon my departure from this facility and not claimed within thirty days by me or by my authorized representative shall become the property of Vocational Church to dispose of in furtherance of the religious and charitable program of it.

I agree to participate in all religious services and program events as arranged by the Administrator or other program personnel. I agree not to enter or remain in this building under the influence of intoxicants or enter the building with such in my possession. I agree to submit to such testing as Vocational Church may impose to confirm the foregoing.

Men’s Personal Hygiene and Dress Code: You will be expected to maintain proper personal hygiene by showering daily.

Questionable matters: All issues not mentioned in this document shall be determined by the administrator.


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