Advisory Meeting

This night, in my living room, I met with some principle people about starting Vocational Church. There is wisdom in a multiple of counselors. We are discussing how to launch, publicize and fund this aggressive ministry. Our purpose is to mentor men both in a vocational skill but most important a biblical understanding.

Occasional baptism

Several times a year we go to a local sober house and do a baptism. Here I am preaching to them to insure that they understand the meaning and commitment of baptism. In 2016 I baptized 20 men.  

Preaching at Salvation Army

Every Sunday evening we preach to about 40 -50 men who are in recovery from addictions. I try to include several other men who either testify or preach. Each week there are 8 -10 new people therefore we treat it as an evangelistic message. Dozens have become believers.